Basic information about the company:

Full name (Serbian):

Andrej Ivošev PR, Agencija za grafički dizajn i digitalne usluge “Graphic Forest” Kragujevac

Full name (Eng):

Andrej Ivošev, entrepreneur, Agency for graphic design and digital services “Graphic Forest” Kragujevac

Brand name:

Graphic Forest


Street: Ilije Kikovića 1,
City: Kragujevac
Postal code: 34000

Tax ID (PIB):


Identification number (MB):


Activity codes:

7410 Specialized design services
5811 Book Publishing

Bank account number:

160-451943-16 Banca Intesa


+381 64 8540 330


About us

The graphic design and digital services agency “Graphic Forest,” based in Kragujevac, was founded in 2016. We have successfully collaborated with numerous companies in Serbia and abroad: Zepter International, UK Koraci Kragujevac, Intranea Solutions Ltd, ABInBew Company “Tri O”, Kraljevi Čardaci Kopaonik,, Bedem Energy Ltd, Artfrigo Ltd, W3 industry, Sigurna Nega, JAT Apartments Kopaonik…

Our most significant collaboration was with Zepter International Ltd on a project to create animated video materials for the education and business support platform.

The agency was founded by Andrej Ivošev after a ten-year career at JKP “Vodovod i kanalizacija”, where he worked as a designer of hydro-technical facilities and a technical preparation expert, while also collaborating with several architects in Kragujevac on digitizing architectural-technical drawings (AutoCAD). Andrej has ten years of experience working with stock agencies as an external collaborator, with over 800 original vector illustrations (Adobe Illustrator). He excels in photo editing tools (Adobe Photoshop), creating animated graphics (Adobe After Effects), and video editing (Adobe Premiere Pro).

In addition to his professional engagements, Andrej is very active in sports volunteer organizations. He is a hiking guide and operational trainer in mountaineering. He has served as sports director, member of the Board of Directors, president of the Youth Commission of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia, as well as a member of the executive committee of the Balkan Mountaineering Union.

"I am a man who is creative, resilient, and constantly seeking positive changes. I build my family and business opportunities through personal growth. I live closely with nature and learn from it about inner peace, simplicity, and beauty."
Andrej Ivošev
graphic designer and mountaineer